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Ken Moscaret, Esq. is one of the top experts in his field. As described by an industry association in 2008, "Mr. Moscaret is widely regarded as one of the nation's leading authorities on attorney fees."

Kenneth Moscaret graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 1980, and was admitted to practice in California the same year. From 1980-1990, Mr. Moscaret was primarily a business litigator in Los Angeles practicing in California state and federal courts. He has trial experience.

In 1991, Ken Moscaret began to specialize in the emerging field of litigation management and attorney fee dispute resolution, and continues to do so. Mr. Moscaret is regularly retained as a consultant/expert witness by clients, law firms, and third-party payers involved in major fee disputes.

Since 1991, Mr. Moscaret has analyzed the reasonableness of over $2 billion in legal billings in a variety of cases from large and small law firms across the U.S. He has been involved in more than 200 large fee disputes.

Mr. Moscaret has testified as an expert witness in court, deposition, and arbitration. He has also submitted expert declarations in federal and state courts. View some favorable trial results here.

Mr. Moscaret is frequently retained by major, Top 250 U.S. law firms to testify in large, complex cases (view here). He often testifies about large law firm billings, and has partner references at many large law firms.

Ken Moscaret gave attorney fee expert testimony in 2008 in the huge Enron securities class action litigation in federal court in Houston. Lead plaintiff's counsel submitted a $700 million attorney fee request in that case. Ken Moscaret was the sole "lodestar" reasonable fee expert testifying in the Enron case about reasonable hourly rates and hours billed. Mr. Moscaret testified alongside several nationally-prominent law professors and retired federal circuit judges who were co-experts with him, including law professors from Columbia University Law School and Harvard Law School, and retired 3rd U.S. Circuit judge H. Lee Sarokin. Enron is the largest securities class action lawsuit in U.S. history, and one of the largest business lawsuits generally ever litigated in this country.

The U.S. District Court in Enron cited Mr. Moscaret's expert opinions. The court made a record-setting $700 million fee award (view here). The federal judge in Enron described Ken Moscaret as one of the "nationally prominent experts on fee awards" who was "highly qualified to testify about attorneys' fees and market rates." The court's published opinion was 209-pages long (view here).

Ken Moscaret has opined on the reasonableness of multimillion-dollar legal fees incurred in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets litigation.

Mr. Moscaret regularly testifies in major insurance recovery actions regarding the reasonableness of multimillion-dollar defense fees incurred in large, complex underlying litigation. Examples include environmental contamination/toxic tort, asbestos, and securities fraud cases. Click here to read News Blog story.

Ken Moscaret has provided a training/instructional MCLE program for all retired federal court and state court judges at the JAMS organization in California and nationwide on resolving large, complex attorney fee disputes. Click here to view a testimonial letter we received from JAMS. Mr. Moscaret co-wrote an article with Richard Chernick of JAMS, which was published in the Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal.

Mr. Moscaret was invited as a guest speaker on reasonable attorney's fees and attorney fee awards at the 2014 national conference of the College of Commercial Arbitrators in Los Angeles. The CCA is an elite, invitation-only national organization of arbitrators in large, complex cases. Ken Moscaret was the only attorney fee trial expert invited to speak at the L.A. conference.

Ken Moscaret was hired to conduct a litigation management review of the 270-attorney legal department for the County of Los Angeles, the nation's largest county, to examine how the L.A. County Counsel's Office managed and resolved its most difficult, high-stakes litigation. Click here for an excerpt from the Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal regarding Kenneth Moscaret's expert credentials in that engagement.

During the 12-year period from 1996 - 2008, Mr. Moscaret helped supervise outside counsel relations for the General Counsel's Office of the Los Angeles Unified School District, a major public entity in California. In that capacity, Mr. Moscaret reviewed and approved the invoices of about 50 different law firms which were submitted to L.A. Unified for payment each month, including many major law firms. During those 12 years, Mr. Moscaret reviewed well over 30,000 law firm invoices in all manner of cases from large, midsize, and small law firms that worked for L.A. Unified. He also helped L.A. Unified negotiate retainer agreements and hourly rates with its outside law firms, and assisted with law firm RFP competitions and outside counsel selection at L.A. Unified.

During Mr. Moscaret’s lengthy engagement with L.A. Unified, he worked with several different individuals who served in the role of General Counsel. One General Counsel, Richard K. Mason, Esq., has provided a public testimonial about Mr. Moscaret’s consulting services to L.A. Unified’s in-house legal department: "I found this service to be extremely valuable in helping me manage my outside counsel relationships and litigation budget, and in gaining a better understanding of how legal fees were being incurred by my outside counsel in complex litigation. Moscaret Consulting acted as a trusted go-between between me and my outside law firms." (March 2011)

Mr. Moscaret frequently speaks and publishes in his field, and has been interviewed for feature stories by the media. Moscaret Consulting has published self-help instructional materials for small businesses and consumers.