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In October, 2005, Ken Moscaret gave a live training/instructional MCLE program to 30 - 40 retired federal court and state court judges at the JAMS organization in California (from JAMS' Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, and San Jose offices). His audience included former California Supreme Court justices. The subject was resolution of large, complex attorney fee disputes. Those retired judges get hired as arbitrators and mediators in large fee disputes. Ken Moscaret was invited to speak by Richard Chernick, managing director of arbitration in the JAMS L.A. office.

At JAMS' request, Ken Moscaret conducted a second live MCLE training session on attorney fee issues in 2008 for all JAMS judges nationwide, not just in California. JAMS prepared DVD video instructional materials on attorney fees for all JAMS judges nationwide from Ken Moscaret's second session.

Ken Moscaret compiled an informal "training manual" for JAMS on attorney fees, billing practices, and litigation management issues, to assist JAMS judges nationwide in making attorney fee awards when they act as arbitrators in large, complex cases. The manual consisted of Kenneth Moscaret's published articles in the Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal.

A testimonial letter from JAMS can be viewed here.