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Moscaret Consulting, Inc. specializes in attorney fee disputes. We are retained as a consultant, expert witness, and/or fee mediator by clients, law firms, and third-party payers involved in fee disputes. We review legal bills for reasonableness and analyze whether attorney billing practices are fair and proper. Our current rate $495/hr.

Our principal, Kenneth Moscaret, Esq. (admitted to practice California, 1980), is one of the top experts in his field. As described by an industry association in 2008, "Mr. Moscaret is widely regarded as one of the nation's leading authorities on attorney fees."

We have trained many JAMS judges, American Arbitration Association (AAA) neutrals, and other arbitrators. Click here to view a testimonial letter we received from JAMS.

We are often retained by major law firms, corporate policyholders, and insurers in large, complex litigation, including by some of the largest law firms and best-known attorneys in California and the U.S. (view here). View some favorable trial results here.

Ken Moscaret gave attorney fee expert testimony in 2008 in the huge Enron securities class action litigation in federal court in Houston. Lead plaintiff's counsel submitted a $700 million attorney fee request in that case. Ken Moscaret was the sole "lodestar" reasonable fee expert testifying in the Enron case about reasonable hourly rates and hours billed. Mr. Moscaret testified alongside several nationally-prominent law professors and retired federal circuit judges who were co-experts with him, including law professors from Columbia University Law School and Harvard Law School, and retired 3rd U.S. Circuit judge H. Lee Sarokin. Enron is the largest securities class action lawsuit in U.S. history, and one of the largest business lawsuits generally ever litigated in this country.

The U.S. District Court in Enron cited Mr. Moscaret's expert opinions. The court made a record-setting $700 million fee award (view here). The federal judge in Enron described Ken Moscaret as one of the "nationally prominent experts on fee awards" who was "highly qualified to testify about attorneys' fees and market rates." The court's published opinion was 209-pages long (view here).

Ken Moscaret has opined on the reasonableness of multimillion-dollar legal fees incurred in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets litigation.

Mr. Moscaret regularly testifies in major insurance recovery actions regarding the reasonableness of multimillion-dollar defense fees incurred in large, complex underlying litigation. Examples include environmental contamination/toxic tort, asbestos, and securities fraud cases. Click here to read News Blog story.

Mr. Moscaret has been involved in more than 200 large attorney fee disputes since 1991 involving over $2 billion in legal fees. He has testified as an expert witness in court, arbitration, and deposition.

Ken Moscaret created a first-of-its-kind legal blog called myLawCoach designed to help consumer clients manage the business aspects of their attorney-client relationships. Mr. Moscaret's blog delivers practical tips and advice to consumer clients.

We also provide a litigation management consulting program for small and midsize companies and public entities that are litigating expensive lawsuits. In those consulting engagements, we work with clients and their outside counsel to help achieve increased litigation management efficiency and more predictable legal budgeting.

Mr. Moscaret is the co-founder and former Board president of Athletes For Kids, a non-profit organization which promotes greater acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities. Athletes For Kids trains and matches up male and female high school athletes in all major sports to act as mentors to younger children with disabilities.

We have offices in Seattle, Washington and Pasadena, California. Clients are not charged for travel time and expenses commuting between our two offices or anywhere else in California. To receive more information about our services, please click on the Email link below or call us.