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Are you becoming so frustrated with your outside law firm or rising legal bills in an expensive lawsuit that you are considering firing your law firm? Don't take that step just yet. You have probably invested a lot of money in your law firm thus far in the case. Worse, a fee dispute with the law firm could follow. And switching counsel can be an added expense.

Instead, consider hiring us as your litigation efficiency advisor (LEA) for a predictable, affordable monthly fixed fee.

What is a litigation efficiency advisor? It is a fairly new field. A litigation efficiency advisor is an outside expert consultant who offers "pain relief" to a client who is "in pain" from dealing with their law firm and legal bills in an expensive lawsuit.

A litigation efficiency advisor acts like a "guardian angel on the client's shoulder." The LEA is always there for a client as a troubleshooter, month after month, when frustrations arise with their law firm or legal bills. The client can turn to their LEA for expert advice and recommendations on any cost-efficiency and dollars-and-cents issues in their lawsuit whenever the client wants, month in and month out. That helps alleviate client frustrations which could otherwise worsen and ultimately rupture the attorney-client relationship.

As your LEA, we focus on such cost-efficiency and dollars-and-cents issues in your lawsuit as:

  • improved communication with your law firm
  • forward-looking litigation case budgets
  • upcoming cost drivers in your lawsuit (like an "early warning" system)
  • appropriate law firm case staffing for your type of lawsuit
  • fee and cost charges in your law firm's invoices each month

An LEA makes a client's life easier, makes them a smarter, more knowledgeable client, helps them better manage and control the legal fees in their lawsuit, and helps the client avoid a fee dispute with their law firm. All of those steps can help save a troubled attorney-client relationship.

As your litigation efficiency advisor, we work on a month-to-month basis in your lawsuit, cancellable by you at any time. We are there for you as long as you want. Our motto with clients is, "Use us when you need us, and drop us when you don't."

Call us at (425) 557-8985 or (626) 440-0078 for a one-hour, no-charge initial consultation, or visit our related site at www.MoscaretConsulting.com for more information.